Spring (Skin) Cleaning

Spring (Skin) Cleaning

Rejoice, Vancouver! Daylight savings has arrived, and spring is officially around the corner. As we prepare our wardrobes, homes, and social calendars for a new season, let’s take a moment to consider how we may want to transition our skincare routines as well. Skinfolio’s team of experts are here to continue working with you on your specific needs and long term goals, but here are a few suggestions for your at-home routine that can also help keep your skin in optimal condition for spring.

KonMari Your Makeup. If you’re ready to come out of hibernation mode and put that Netflix binging to real-life action, don’t forget your makeup. Spring cleaning your makeup and skincare products is a great way to take stock of what’s been around for too long, and what you already have and don’t need to buy. We can all be guilty of being better at buying than using up our products, but using expired makeup on the healthy skin you’re working hard for isn’t worth it. For a timeline of when you should be tossing out makeup products, click here. Finally, don’t forget to clean your brushes, makeup bags and beauty blenders, which can also be sites for bacteria and dirt.

Layer Up. The dry skin you had during winter may be starting to improve, but this doesn’t mean to ease up on moisturizing. Continue to use your toner, serums, and moisturizers. To borrow the clothing philosophy of our city: it’s all about layering. You may choose a few lighter layers, but you’re still going to put on the same standard number of layers. The parka might get swapped out for your bomber jacket, that’s all. Similarly, if you were using a heavier daily moisturizer, perhaps you can alternate that with an oil, or ask your facialist or dermatologist to recommend a medium-weight moisturizer.

The Year-Round Must. Okay, time to get real. We all know by now that sunscreen should be your daily staple all year round...but not everyone reaches for it on those rainy winter days when it feels like the sun has taken an extended trip to California without us. If you didn’t use sunscreen regularly this winter, it’s time to develop that habit immediately. Protect your skin from the spots and fine lines that are caused by UVA and UVB exposure, so that when you come in you can invest in maintaining smooth, supple skin rather than reversing the effects of sun damage.

We hope this gives you some doable tips and helpful reminders for a new season of beautiful skin. If you have questions about your skin, make sure to ask us on your next visit so we can give you personalized advice and feedback.

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