The Skinfolio Difference

The Skinfolio Difference

When you look at celebrities with glowing skin in their 50s, you know no product is that good, but something is definitely working for them. Everyone can find interviews sharing what products celebs and industry people use, but nobody talks about professional treatments with the same level of detail and transparency. This leaves the general public with the myth that professional treatments are for the rich and famous, and even if we knew what treatments they get, it’s probably only available in LA or New York and is way outside our budget.

These misconceptions are exactly what Skinfolio wants to get rid of. You do not have to be wealthy or see celebrity facialists to get beautiful skin. Perhaps you know this, and you’re interested in medical aesthetics, but right now you’re trying different skincare products to find what works for you. This could lead to endless trial and error, and Skinfolio was created to give you the option to achieve great skin simply. Our skin clinic only offers treatments and products based on research and scientifically proven results. We want to take away the guesswork and give you what works. Let’s talk about what works.

Why Should I Get Professional Treatments? Traditionally, people use products as their primary skincare, and wait until later in life to explore professional treatments. At Skinfolio, we’ve flipped this model and recommend using professional treatments first and products second. Even the best products can only go so far, and choosing laser treatments as your primary skincare tool is the smarter investment. This article from Harper’s Bazaar by Lisa Fogarty, quoting top doctors from LA and NYC, breaks down how using lasers before products can actually save you money in the long run. We believe in treating skincare like financial investment, having researched how using professional treatments early and regularly will get you the best results. Maintaining good skin and preventing signs of aging will cost you less than correcting it later, and laser technology can achieve what products can’t.

To be clear, we still love and recommend effective products for daily maintenance. As Fogarty mentioned, the Skinceuticals C E Ferulic is one of the very best Vitamin C serums on the market, but professional dermal infusions use technology simultaneously exfoliate while infusing medical grade serums deeper into the skin than products can reach. Similarly, there is no question that light and laser facials will reverse brown spots and fine lines better and faster than topical products. Once you achieve healthy skin with professional treatments, you can even use less makeup. You could cover your glowing skin with foundation if you want to, but we want to get you to the point where it’s an option and not a necessity.

Why Skinfolio Over Others? Now you know professional treatments are a winning investment, but what’s the difference between facials at spas, various skin clinics in the city, and medical skin clinics?

  • Quality. Skinfolio’s treatments use medical grade ingredients, but often spa facials do not. Just as there is a range in ingredient quality, there’s a range in technology quality, too. Skin clinics may all be using lasers, but not all lasers are created equal. Skinfolio’s top-of-the-line lasers are FDA approved and made by the same companies that supply laser technology to hospitals.
  • Training. Skinfolio is a doctor (MD) directed skin clinic, and we are the doctors’ choice for professional skincare. Some clinics are directed by estheticians, some by naturopaths, and some by medical doctors. While naturopaths can go by Doctor, they are not MDs and the training is different. While reactions are rare, our doctors have the highest level of training, certification and experience to respond in case they do.
  • Affordability. Skinfolio’s $1000 membership gets you ten Skinfolio5 treatments which would cost $5000 at other medical skin clinics. If we’re going to ask people to invest in regular professional treatments because we know it works, we’re going to lower our prices to make regular treatments doable. Your membership can be used by anyone at your address, so you can share the love with your partner or family. Say you use your ten treatments over a year (they don’t expire, by the way), that’s just over $80/month. For the quality and benefits, that’s nothing if not affordable.

Beyond just making sense, Skinfolio is also here to give you an amazing experience. We’ve done all the work, so you can just come in, lie down and let your lifetime of glowing skin begin.

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